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Soy Gel Polish

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Achieve a salon-quality  manicure at home in 30 minutes or less. All without the chemical smell of solvent-based polish. A Soy Gel manicure typically lasts 7-14 days when applied correctly. 

Our Ingredients

Acrylated epoxidized soybean oil, HEMA, acrylated linseed oil, TPO, cellulose acetate butyrate, may contain: a small percentage of additional ingredients that vary by color

Directions for Use

Nail prep and polish application: Begin with clean, dry hands and nails. (1) Clip and file nails to the desired length and shape. (2) Use the wood stick to push back cuticles. (3) Use the buffer block to lightly buff the surface of the nail, paying particular attention to removing sticky residue on the nail bed. (4) Wipe away dust with an alcohol wipe. (5) Apply two coats of polish, curing between each using one press of the mini lamp. (6) Finish with one thin coat of top coat and cure for one press of the mini lamp. (7) Wipe away the sticky layer with alcohol after curing the last coat.

Removal: (1) Buff the surface of the polish with the purple buffer or file. (2) Tightly secure remover pads or acetone-soaked cotton balls to the surface of the nail. Leave on for 15 minutes without removing. (3) Check nails, if polish has not yet bubbled, re-secure pads and wait until bubbled. (4) Push bubbled polish off with the wood stick.

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Savannah B.
United States United States

No odor!

Loved the fact that this product had little to no odor. Some gel polishes have such a strong chemical smell its overwhelming. With Lilaque, this is not the case. Absolutely love this product!

Heather T.
United States United States

Simply Ahhhmazing!

I LOVE everything about this product. I am a super busy momma and this product allows me to get the “nail salon look” from the comfort of my home. Finding time to make an appointment to get my nails done, always seemed impossible. This product allows me to get the nail salon look, spend more time with my girls and hubby, and it’s super safe to use. I would also like to add that I am an avid gardener, golfer and I am constantly cleaning, and this product has been able to withstand the “hardships” haha. Seriously, this product has been a game changer for this busy momma and a total must-have.