About Lilaque

What makes Lilaque Soy Gel different from other gel polishes?

Lilaque soy gel is the first formula on the market containing ingredients derived from vegetable oils. Up to 74% of the ingredients in our soy gel formulas are derived from soybean oil, linseed oil, castor oil, and cellulose.

Are all "vegan" nail polishes plant-based?

Not necessarily. Vegan means "not derived from animals." Nail polish products can be derived from fossil fuels and still be considered vegan. To know for sure if a nail polish is plant-based you should check the ingredients and ask the manufacturer.

Is Lilaque Soy Gel compatible with other nail products, like acrylics?

Because our formula is so different, Lilaque Soy Gel may not be compatible with other nail products. For best results, we recommend that you use products only within the Lilaque line together and on natural nails.

Can I use Lilaque Soy Gel with my own nail lamp?

We are unable to test our product and guarantee performance with every lamp on the market so for best results, we recommend that you use the Lilaque Soy Gel system with the Lilaque mini lamp. Many of our customers have had good results with their own high quality lamps but we do not recommend using our product with low power lamps that look like a computer mouse.

How long does a Soy Gel manicure last?

When used as directed, a Soy Gel manicure will typically last 7-14 days.

Using the Soy Gel System

Why do I have to prep my nails before painting them?

For product safety and performance, we recommend that you follow all instructions exactly as directed. The prep step helps the polish adhere to your nails and the polish may chip prematurely if nail prep is not performed correctly.

Do I have to use the Soy Gel top coat after the color coat?

To achieve the performance we advertise, you should apply Soy Gel Top Coat after two coats of color coat.

Why do I have to wipe my nails with alcohol after curing the top coat?

Our polish has a "sticky layer" after curing that must be wiped off. For safety and performance reasons, you should wipe this layer off with alcohol before touching anything.

How do you remove Lilaque Soy Gel?

Lilaque Soy Gel must be soaked off with acetone like other gel polishes. For product safety and performance you should follow all instructions for removal. You can either use your own acetone (it must be 100%) or purchase removal pads from our website. One set of removal pads comes with a kit purchase.


When will you have more colors available?

If you don't see your favorite color available, check back! We are a new company and are planning to release more colors as we develop them. Let us know if there's a color that you want us to offer.

Is the Lilaque Soy Gel system in salons?

We are not in salons at this time but if your favorite salon is interested in carrying our products have them contact us!

Are nail lamps safe?

The FDA recognizes the use of nail lamps as safe when they are used as directed by the manufacturer. Read more here!

Shipping and Returns

What are Lilaque's shipping and return policies?

You can find our shipping policy here and our return policy here.