Sustainable. Gorgeous. Uncompromising.

When you think of nail polish, you think of the joy of wearing your favorite color—yet you can’t escape that strong chemical scent. There’s nothing natural about that. Lilaque aspires to change that experience with the first gel nail polish derived from vegetable oils for a low- to no-odor experience. That doesn’t mean we’re sacrificing product performance. It means that our founder worked tirelessly to formulate something better. With her unique background—including a nail technician license and a scientific degree—and her passion for the planet, she took her philosophy of environment and science first, and developed a line of long-lasting, gorgeous, sustainable nailcare that stands alone.

Our Founder

Innovative by Nature

My love of the outdoors began as a child. So did my concerns about the future of the planet and the impact of wasteful practices like loading landfills with single-use plastics. As I grew older, I found joy in colorful nails, but the smell of nail polish was clearly far from natural. I was curious, how could I contribute to change? I used my passion to complete my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, where I learned that I have a gift for formulation. This path has allowed me to turn my vision into reality: Lilaque Soy Gel, a sustainably sourced nail polish that looks beautiful and lasts. I hope it brings as much joy to your world as it has to mine. – Julie