Four Easy Tips for Growing Out Thin Nails

Do you have thin, brittle nails and struggle to grow them out longer? Many people think that use of nail products is the sole cause of thin or brittle nails. However, while incorrect product removal can cause thinning of the nail plate and many product removal processes can dry them out, some people are simply genetically predisposed to thin nails which can make growing out long natural nails much more difficult. But don’t worry, even if you are plagued by unfortunate genetics, it IS possible to grow out your thin or brittle nails with a few easy tips and tricks!

Avoid using your nails as tools

Using nails as tools can wreak havoc on any nails, but can be especially disastrous for thin, brittle nails. Picking, prying, and scraping things with your nails causes them to bend and subsequently become weak where bent. If you do this repeatedly or with enough force, your nails will break and tear, especially the longer they get. Naturally thin nails bend much more easily than thicker nails and are thus more prone to breakage.

Soaking your hands in hot water for extended periods will also cause the nail plate to become temporarily soft and weak. Therefore, you can protect your nails from becoming vulnerable by wearing gloves while cleaning or washing dishes. And you should especially avoid using your nails to pick, pry, and scrape things when they become unavoidably soft and weak such as after bathing.

File your nails into a shape less prone to breakage

Did you know that your nail shape can have an impact on how easily they break? Square and almond nail shapes are more prone to snagging and breaking than round or oval nails. So if you’re struggling to grow out your nails you might try filing them into a different shape, particularly avoiding any nail shape with points or corners, to see what works best.

Keep nails polished and remove product properly

Consistently wearing nail polish can actually help your nails grow longer because they add some thickness and strength to the nail that keep them from bending. Just make sure to remove product once it starts to chip and always remove nail products according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Picking or peeling product off the nail can remove layers of the nail plate, making already thin nails even thinner and more prone to breakage. It’s best to find a product with the best balance of thickness and ease of removal for your preferences and lifestyle so that you can protect your nails while still keeping them healthy. Lilaque Soy Gel is a good option since it’s gel thickness will protect your nails while still offering a removal process that’s typically easier than salon gel systems.

Use cuticle oil regularly

Just like skin, nails can become brittle and prone to cracking and breaking if they’re too dry. And like thickness, nail hydration is a genetic feature so some people have naturally drier nail plates than others. If a dry nail plate is causing nail breakage for you, using cuticle oil daily might do the trick for helping you grow longer, stronger nails. Like lotion on the skin, cuticle oil draws moisture into the nail and surrounding skin, giving it the hydration it needs to stay healthy and strong. Just make sure not to use cuticle oil right before applying nail products, as the oil can keep product from properly adhering to the nail and decrease its wear performance. Lilaque’s plant-based cuticle oil provides powerful plant-based hydration from sunflower, castor, and rosehip oils while offering quick absorption into the skin and nail for a non-greasy after feel.

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